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Drive-by game rec: Gone Home

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Nov. 29th, 2013 | 04:11 pm

Y'all know of my love for the 90s. It's amazing how that era, and so many other things that are right up my alley, are found in the game Gone Home, a quirky little game I played in one sitting last night. You piece together the story entirely through, basically, snooping (no manual dexterity, nothing timed, not even really any puzzles). It's what I always expected/wanted the Nancy Drew games to be (although those games always had some ridiculously difficult timed puzzle at the end to spoil everything). Although I'm younger than the main character, who's 17 in 1995, there was a whole lot that reminded me of me when I was 13 in 1999--the smart-alecky humor of a gifted kid trying to entertain herself in the drudgery of school; the wide-eyed passion and intensity of a kid discovering music and cool friends for the first time; pirates. Somehow, without knowing me, the Fullbright Company made a game for me.

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